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Vamos España!

Best wishes for Spain in Euro08!
and a very lovely video clip of their journey in euro04 on youtube: ♥

It is a really tough season we went through, on pitch and off pitch. But it is not the end of world. All the sadness will only make us stronger. Come on liverpool boys, I am proud of you ♥

You'll never walk alone!

Italian Job done! :)

Moscow, here we are ♥

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what's going on with my club?

a very well written article on anfieldroad.com, which basically summarized all the saga starting from October last year:

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source: http://www.anfieldroad.com/news/200801132773/owners-welcome-to-leave.html/

what a football world we have nowadays...

It is definitely not a great week so far. First of all, Reds had a disappointing performance in Porto; then, there are bad news that Xabi and Danny will have to be out up to six weeks for foot injuries; and meanwhile, the fiasco in London actually is not a good sign in my opinion.

I am quite glad that most Red fans did not simply blame Rafa or players for the last two draws, especially the forumers on RAWK site, most of whom always stay rational even after a worse game. But, unfortunately, I stop by BBC's 606 discussion board later. And I can't believe what I have read. For example, here is the worst one:


comment by MyCousinKev
posted 3 Hours Ago

Actually I think losing Alonso is a blessing in disguise. He has been shockingly bad this year and I was secretly hoping he would pick up an injury as Benitez would never drop him.

Now we can play Masch and Gerrard as our central midfield pair, as it should be. Let's face it, Masch is far better defensively than Alonso and is not far away in his passing abilities so we really have no need of Alonso. (we should sell him for big bucks when we get the chance)

I knew that there are some Alonso-bashers, but I still can't believe that they are cursing him in this way. Are they really liverpool fans? I doubt it. Haven't they seen the hoof-ball playing in Porto when we missed Alonso in the midfield to organize and balance the whole team? It seems they totally forget what Alonso did for our team in the past three years, and how he was great in his first two seasons here.

So, it makes me think more after reading the news about José Mourinho leaving Chelsea. I don't like him at all. But it just sounds not right to sack a manager who brought you two league titles in 3 years. Too much people have short memories in current football world. You are not allowed to have a dip form for a while, because some guys will cry out sack you even only after losing 3 games...

From this point of view, I am very glad to be a Liverpool fan, because KOP sing all the time no matter of winning or losing a game. Keep it in mind if you are a liverpool fan, too:

"You Will Never Walk Alone"

Xabi Alonso: 'El objetivo está cumplido'

Xabi Alonso, centrocampista internacional del Liverpool, dijo al final del encuentro que se cumplió el objetivo de sumar seis puntos, establecido antes de salir de Las Rozas (Madrid) y ahora "la situación es mejor que hace tres meses".

"El inicio hoy fue bueno, creamos ocasiones, necesitábamos tranquilidad pero ha sido una lástima no marcar más goles. Ahora me voy de vacaciones, vuelvo a casa, a San Sebastián, voy a disfrutar de la playa, de los amigos de la familia, a desconectar. Antes de esta concentración el objetivo eran los seis puntos y lo hemos conseguido. Podíamos haber marcado más goles", comentó Xabi Alonso.

Sobre si tiene un favorito para ganar la Liga -Real Madrid o FC Barcelona-, Xabi se mostró diplomático. "Que gane el mejor la Liga", dijo Xabi, quien reconoció en Radio Marca que el año próximo seguirá jugando en Anfield.

Por su parte, Cesc Fábregas afirmó haberse "encontrado bien, llevo cuatro semanas parado tras el final de la Liga en Inglaterra, he disfrutado, tenía muchas ganas de jugar. Salgo contento del partido que he hecho y eso es lo importante".

"Ahora ya me voy de vacaciones. Hace tres o cuatro años que no tengo vacaciones, en mi pueblo tengo montaña y playa. Y estas cinco semanas me van a venir muy bien. Sólo pienso en disfrutar y en descansar. La temporada ha sido muy larga", apostilló Cesc.

dig out some old pics. BUT... don't blame me about the watermarks >__________<|||

The footprints of Xabi alonso: ♥

----------------season 2001/02, team: La Real-----------------------------------
young boy :)

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GO, Reds! We'll win the number SIX! :)

Athens, here we are! ♥


Let's beat Chelski at Anfield ♥

An interesting formation from beginning, and when I saw Stevie drifted inside so often while Zenden did not produce many crosses... we knew we were in trouble. This season, the most beautiful games of LFC were the games when we playing well in two flanks: two wingers, or wingers/wingbacks overlapping. But we did not showed it today.

Meanwhile our defense line looked shaky at first half, Daniel and Alvaro seemed pretty nervous, even Carra was not very steady at moments.

Anyway, this is only a half time of the semi-final, we will beat them at Anfield for sure :)

Boys, you'll never walk alone!

When you walk through a storm,
Hold your head up high,
And don't be afraid of the dark.
At the end of a storm,
There's a golden sky,
And the sweet silver song of a lark.
Walk on through the wind,
Walk on through the rain,
Though your dreams be tossed and blown..
Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart,
And you'll never walk alone...
Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart,
And you'll never walk alone...
You'll never walk alone.

Outside the shakily gates
I heard a kopite calling:
Shakily they have taken u away
But u left a great eleven
Before u went to heaven
Now its glory around the fields of Anfield Road.
All around the field of Anfield Road
Where once we watched the king Kenny play
(an could he play)
We had Heighway on the wing
We have dreams an songs to sing
Of the glory around the field of Anfield Road
Outside the paisley gates
I heard a kopite calling:
Paisley they have taken u away
U led the great eleven
Back in Rome 77
And the red men there still playing the same way
All around the field of anfield road
Were once we watched the king Kenny play
(an could he play)
We had Heighway on the wing
We had dreams an songs to sing
Of the glory around the field of Anfield Road

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